10 Foraging toys every parrot should have

Forage Pinecone Foraging Treat

Encourage foraging and entertain your bird for hours with this natural Pinecone coated in a quality mix of Seeds, Oats, Shell Grit, Carrot, Coconut. Complete with a hook for easy hanging. Great for birds new to foraging.

Suitable for Finches, Budgies, Cockatiels, Conures, Indian-ringnecks, Cockatoos, Amazon Parrots or similar sized parrot.

Available in 2 types. From $19.99 + FREE SHIPPING - BUY NOW


Pawise Snackball
Suitable for Cockatiels to Conures
One size - 5cm

A cheap and challenging toy made for cats but if filled with small pieces of dry fruit or nuts can provide hours of foraging fun. Maze inside the ball makes it hard for treats to fall out. The only downside is it can’t be opened and should only be filled with dry treats as cleaning the inside is impossible. $5.99* - See stockists.

Baffle Cage

Suitable for Budgies to Macaws
Sizes: Small 26cm x 9cm and Large 36cm x 14cm.

This strong and versatile foraging toy has been around for decades but is rarely used correctly. This toy is a blank canvas, creating layers and adding unfamiliar forage is important to keep your bird interested.Made from stainless-steel this toy should last years. Easy to clean and re-fill with literally anything. If you’re not time poor your parrot will thoroughly enjoy your creativity. Comes with a chain and quality Quick Link and commercial re-fills are available. $42.00* - See stockists.


Side mounted Foraging Toy
Suitable for Cockatiels to Macaws
One size - 18 x 10 x 13cm.

Made from strong plastic this side-mounted foraging toy is limited only to your creativity. Very easy to install but we found this toy somewhat tricky to remove from the cage when it needs to be filled or cleaned. Great for smaller parrot species like Cockatiels or Caiques but found larger species like Cockatoos can easily un-clip and open it. Commercial re-fills are available. $22.00* - See stockists.


Spinning Carousel
Suitable for Conures to Cockatoos
One size - 15 x 15cm

Side mounted foraging toy made from clear acrylic. Four compartments allow fresh and dry foods to be added. The lid on each compartment opens differently and the entire device spins freely on the bracket. Some compartments can be difficult to open, perfect for high-value treats. $50.00* - See stockists.


Pipe Dream Forager
Suitable for Cockatiels to Cockatoos
One size

Made of PVC, chain and plastic beads this small foraging toy is easy to hang, refill and clean. Thin plastic flaps cover each end, we found smaller parrots find it most challenging. This durable toy will easily take a beating from the most destructive foragers. $23.00* - See stockists.

Boo, the 'simple' Green Cheek Conure using the 'Pipe Dream Forager'. Within the white, corner bend of this toy, I've put a handful of bird safe kitty litter (Breeders Choice, recylced paper litter) and a sprinkle of Scribble's normal pellets (Roudybush nibbles). Boo needs to lift the lid and search through the litter for her pellets.


Hanging ball and chain
Suitable for Conures to Macaws
One size

Suitable for medium to large parrots this acrylic ball and chain is easy to install, refill and clean. A bell sits inside the twist open ball so space can be limited, we either fill with shredded paper and nuts or stuff with fresh fruits and vegetables. $28.00* - See stockists.

JW Activitoy Tip & Treat
Suitable for Budgies to Conures
One size - 13.18cm x 10.16cm x 17.78cm

A small plastic toy that mounts to the side of the cage. A clear egg shaped ball swings around so treats can fall out. Easily refilled but somewhat tricky to clean. Experienced foragers will still find this toy a challenge. A great concept but materials can be flimsy. $9.99* - See stockists.



Bottoms Up
Suitable for Budgies to Cockatoos
One size - 43 x 6.5 x 6.5cm

A three-tiered hanging toy which is popular with Conures and birds that like a challenge. Parrots need to lift the lid on each compartment to get the treats inside. Made from strong plastic, easy to hang, clean and refill. Suitable for dry and fresh foods. $32.00* - See stockists.

Foraging Wheel Generation II
Suitable for Large Conures to Macaws
One size - 15.5cm x 20cm. 

Spinning foraging toy with small fillable compartments. Its marketed to hold and dispense small pellets but found they fell out too easily. We would recommend stuffing this foraging toy with Shelled Nuts, Millet and Large pellets like Tropican High-Performance Parrot Sticks or Black Parrot Chews. Easy to install but refilling can be a pain. Not suitable for fresh foods. $45.00* - See stockists.

Suitable for any parrots

Native branches are great for bird stimulation and enrichment. Best of all they are free! Ensure branches are not sprayed with chemicals and are safe for your birds to chew on. See the full list of safe plants here.