5 DIY Bunning's bird toys under $5

Who doesn't like a trip to Bunnings, these DIY bird toys will cost less than the sausage sizzle on the way out.

Seagrass Mats:
You can find this item in the doormats isle, attach recycled parts from old toys, branches or even fashion into a cosy house to create hours of fun for your parrot. $1.99ea*

See our GIANT parrot play wall made from these!


Popsicle Sticks:
Only limited by your imagination! To add colour soak for a few hours in food colouring and let dry. You can buy 150 for only $3.85*


Plastic Chain:
You might have seen this plastic chain attached to expensive toys, at $2.50* per meter possibilities are endless. Great for creating wobbly perches and swinging toys.

Toolbox forager:
If your birds enjoy foraging this tool organiser will keep them entertained for hours! Fill with a natural litter, toys and treats. For experienced foragers wrap in layers of newspaper, adding a few treats along the way. Remove and refill once empty. $4.98ea*


Sisal Rope:
Made from natural fibres the possibilities are endless. Cotton rope is well known to cause crop impactions that slowly kill birds, refurbish existing toys or create new ones your birds will safely enjoy destroying. $0.58* per meter