Do i really need to worm my bird?

We get this question a lot, the answer is YES! Regular worming should not be overlooked. Worms can kill birds, even if you only own one. 

Just like dogs, cat and even humans, birds can come in contact with some pretty nasty stuff, regular worming will ensure your birds stay healthy and parasite free.  

Q: I only own one bird, do i still need to treat it for worms?

A: Yes, worm eggs can lay dormant for months and even years. Birds can get worms by adding new perches, natural foraging toys, new cage mates and even from their owners. 

How do i know my bird has worms?
Signs your bird has worms is not always obvious but here are some signs your bird may have worms. Symptoms of worm infestation;

  • Worms in droppings or hanging from the cloaca (bum)

  • Diarrhoea

  • Weight loss

  • Feather plucking

  • Sick looking appearance

  • Young infested birds will cry excessively and never gain weight

Treatment - Prevention is better than a cure!

Vetafarm Wormout Gel_compressed.jpg

We use Vetafarm Wormout Gel every three months which treats; Thread Worm, Tapeworm, Roundworm, Caecal Worm and Hook Worm.

A few important things to remember when worming your bird;

  • Follow the directions to the ml - mixing an incorrect dose could harm your bird or if made to weak will not kill the worms.

  • Don't treat in extreme weather events like very hot days or rainy weather. If it's raining birds will drink water from the wire instead of the treatment.

  • Ensure the worming treatment is their only source of water.

  • Do not feed any fruit, vegetables etc - most fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, they will eat these and not drink the treatment.

  • Most treatments last two days - make a fresh batch every day.

  • Don't treat birds that have chicks - ensure all birds are wormed before the start of the breeding season.

  • Check the expiry dates - pick the bottle with the longest expiration date, because treatments are usually 3 months apart, you need it to last.