Gourmet Bird Muffins

Your flock will love these colourful and yummy Gourmet Bird Muffins

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We hope you enjoyed our video, we sure did have fun making these Gourmet Bird Muffins. Remember these should only be fed as an occasional treat. You can substitute nearly every ingredient to suit your bird's taste and your style of feeding. These muffins should be made and fed the same day, we don't recommend refrigerating or freezing them.  

A lot of people ask what dyes are safe for birds. There are so many natural plants and spices you can use like Beetroot, Turmeric and Spirulina just to name a few. For this video, we chose to use human grade food colouring for added effect.

This recipe does not require dairy, oil or added sugars.

PLEASE NOTE: This recipe requires Imagination - the most important ingredient!

Pre-heat and bake muffins at 200c for 15-20mins

Muffin Batter:
2 Cups of self-raising flour (we used a pre-mix of wheat, millet, oat and coconut flour)
1 cup water (give or take a little - batter should be thick)
1 egg
1/2 grated carrot
You can add almost any ingredient to the battar like Cinnamon, dried fruit or nuts. 
Muffin Cups - use the paper ones only

Potatoe or Sweet Potatoe
Natural Food Colouring
Food processor (to blend the potatoes)
Peanuts (or any safe and unsalted nuts)
Dried Fruit
Apple (or any safe fruit that will quickly absorb the dye)

Mix, bake, frost and feed at your own risk!