Hot Weather Tips


Don't risk losing your bird to the summer heat! Check out these cool tips

Clean, fresh water - Always ensure your birds are given clean fresh water every day. Water bowls should be cleaned daily. Swirling your finger around the bottom on the bowl doesn't count!

Bird Bath - Use a shallow bowl filled with fresh clean water for your birds to bathe in. Always remove after a few hours as the water will get dirty quickly! Prepare for lots of splashing!


Ice Blocks

These will defrost quickly but will help stop food from spoiling too quickly. Remove leftovers after a few hours - See Parrot Ice Blocks

Cool with Spark - Available at most good pet stores, when added to your birds drinking water it helps keep them hydrated during times of extreme temperatures. It contains a special blend of concentrated carbohydrates and electrolytes.

Air Conditioning - If your lucky enough to have air conditioning, use it! Bring your birds inside and let them cool down. Never place a bird directly in front of the air conditioning unit or air flow. 

$2 spray bottles - Cheap, easy and a great way to cool your mate down, $2 new clean spray bottles can be purchased at most discount stores. Turn the adjuster nozzle to a fine mist and spray near the bird.

Shower Perch - Shower perches can be purchased at any good pet store, most brands will have large suction cups that can be stuck to any smooth surface. Shower perches are suitable for pet birds that are confident being handled. Always ensure you check the water temperature before placing the bird on the perch. 

Hose'em down - Do you have outside aviaries? Simply hosing down the roof of an aviary can help reduce heat stress. If possible also move the cage/aviary to a shady part of your yard

Sprinkler System - If you have a few aviaries a simple garden watering system can help keep your birds cool. Usually, run along the front of aviaries, it will help keep the aviary cool and the birds can also bathe. 

Food spoils quickly - Always remove leftover fruit or vegetables after a few hours, never feed wet lorikeet food or sprouts during extreme temperatures. Heat spoiled food will kill your birds.


Don't forget our wildlife

Place a bowl of water out for the locals, you might be surprised who drops by!