How to make a Parrot Foraging Tray

Timothy shows you how to make a quick, cheap and easy foraging tray that will keep your bird entertained for hours. Great for experienced or beginner foragers, you can add anything safe you think your birds will love. Don't forget to add a few of their favourite treats as well.

We use these trays to feed our aviary birds especially our larger parrots that need alot of stimulation.

We used below to create our foraging tray;
- Clean new Cat Litter Tray - @rejectshopofficial
- Seagrass Door matt (Soak in vinegar before use) from @bunnings
- Safe tree bark (Bake for 10 mins @ 200°c to kill any nasties
- Coloured paper
- Natural dyed paddlepop sticks
- Almonds
- Gumtree leaves
- Natty Cat Lucerne Litter or Black Parrot Pellets
- Pellets or any staple bird food
- Your birds favourite treats

Happy Foraging!