Making your home safe for birds

Bringing home a new feathered friend is an exciting experience, but you shouldn't overlook ensuring their new home is safe. See some handy bird proofing tips below.

1. Use post-it notes to remind family and guests to close doors when they leave a room with free flying bird

2. Keep the toilet and bathroom door closed - Birds can drown within minutes. Small birds may not be able to escape falling into an open toilet or sink filled with water. 

3. Turn off fans and heaters - Fans are deadly to birds even if their wings are clipped. Heaters can also cause severe burns long after being turned off. 

4. Ensure leads, cables and precious breakable are out of reach. Live wires will cause electric shock or even a fire if chewed. 

5. House hold chemicals can be deadly to birds. These include auto air fresheners. Keep birds away from areas you use these products and store in a secure place. 

6. Ensure all non-bird friendly pets are kept away from the area the bird is out/free flying

7. Close and lock windows - including drawing the curtains. Flying into glass windows can cause serious injuries. 

8. Never allow a bird to have access to a kitchen after cooking. Stove tops or utensils can remain hot for long periods after use.

9. Fish tanks and Pet water bowls should be covered - Birds can drown within minutes.


10. Remove poisonous house plants that could be chewed or perched on. See the full list of safe house plants.