Stylish and Practical Wild Bird Feeders

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Feeding wild birds is almost a tradition in most Aussie backyards. If done correctly it's a rewarding experience for both you and the birds that visit your feeder. Ensure you use quality mixes, feed only small amounts and feed seeds that will not attract feral pigeons or sparrows.

See our top selection of bird feeders to encourage birds into your garden.


Fruit Tube Bird Feeder
Perfect for attracting Lorikeets and other fruit eaters to your garden. Birds have to grip onto the large wire squares to pick at the fruit. Hygienic, easy to clean, fill and hang. A perfect alternative to messy liquid or powdered Lorikeet foods.

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window bird feeder

Kiosk Heart Window Feeder
Attract birds right to your window! Suitable for seed, fruit and even water! A great alternative to traditional feeders that need to be hung from a tree. Comes with two suction cups and easily attaches to any glass surface.

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wild bird feeder aussie cottage

Classic Cottage Bird Feeder
A cute and colourful addition to any garden, this feeder keeps seed dry and fresh. Made from Eco-friendly materials it features foldable feeding perches on each side. Easy to fill, clean and hang. Suitable for small to medium-sized birds.

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glass bird feeder

Glass Wild Bird Feeder
Looking for something out of ordinary? This mouth-blown glass feeder would be a great addition to any modern themed garden. Comes with a two-year warranty and drain hole to prevent soggy seed. Easy to clean, hang and fill.

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bird feeder gardman bunnings

Gardman Hanging Bird Table Bird Feeder
Looking for a more traditional style? Although they are more affordable than other styles of similar size, they can be difficult to clean. Easy to hang, but unfortunately no pre-drilled holes to mount on a pole.

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High Tea Bird Feeder Teacup
Made of refined porcelain, this bird feeder, with beautiful floral designs come with a metal hook and chain so you can hang it on the tree branches or wherever you see fit. You can be sure that your little bird friends are going to have a grand time feeding off of this elegant High Tea Bird Feeder. It's a must have for all bird lovers and a charming addition to your garden!

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Remember, bird feeders should be hung away from fences or furniture where cats can reach them.

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