This one tip could help save your bird's life

While on our afternoon aviary rounds we always take the time to feed a few extra nuts, check water levels and enjoy a cup of coffee in our favourite seat in front of our aviaries.


We also take this time to observe all birds individually and this time it helped save one of our birds from injury. We recently purchased a lovely pair of Maroon-bellied Conures. They are still in quarantine which luckily makes them easier to observe up close and comfortably, only to notice one of the bird's toes was caught up in its leg ring. 

Luckily the problem was easily fixed by removing the ill fitting leg ring. The effectiveness of simple daily observation helped the bird from any permanent injury.

Observing a bird from a distance is also a great way to take note of any potential problems. Animals naturally hide sickness as not to fall victim to predators, some birds may hide symptoms in the early stages of sickness when people are close by.

Simple tips for checking your birds;
Beak - Clean with no nasal discharge
Bum - Clean
Legs - Free moving
Wings - Tight against the body

We all live busy lives but a few extra minutes and this simple trick while on your morning aviary rounds could one day be a life saver.