Why buy a bird from us?

We specialise in raising tame, well socialised and confident companion parrots.


Well-handled until the day they leave our home. We take the time to understand the handling needs of each bird to ensure they are matched to a capable new owner.

Well socialised

Our babies come in daily contact with people of all ages, other species of parrots and our family pets. During this time they learn basic flock manners and acceptable social behaviours.

Confident companions

Desensitised to the daily happenings of a busy household like noisy appliances. Our unique weaning techniques incorporate healthy eating habits, confidence in flight and basic training.

All birds are 100% Bred and Handraised by us.

When you buy a bird from us all come with;

Standard (All species):

  • Care sheet and shopping list

  • Comprehensive after purchase support

  • Lifetime return*

  • 7 day health guarantee*

  • Mutation history

  • Leg Ring (I.D ring)

Extra's (*Please see each bird information if included. Selected birds/species only);

  • Parrot Society of Australia Leg band

  • Harness Trained*

  • Surgical or DNA sexed*

  • Microchipped*

  • Vet checked*

  • Pathogen Tested for Avian Polyoma (APV), Chlamydophila psittaci (Psittacosis - CP) and Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD)*

Please ensure you read all available information before contacting us:

  • Viewing birds are by appointment only

  • We do not freight birds overseas or interstate

  • We operate on a strict first come, first served basis

  • We do not take deposits or hold birds

  • The symbol "/" indicates a split (Hidden mutation gene)

If you are interested in a bird that is not available yet, please subscribe to our mailing list. When birds come available all subscribers will be notified by email. Due to high demand we no longer have waiting lists.

Updated 13/10/19

See our available parent raised birds for sale.


Ring No: PSA 089 N

Species: Cockatiel

Mutation: Whiteface Cinnamon Pearl

Hatched: 7/8/19

Sex: Male - Nestsexed

Mother: Whiteface Pearl

Father: Whiteface Cinnamon Pearl

Price: $200

Status: Currently weeaning

Harness Training: Yes