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We have been involved in Australian Aviculture since 2001 and in recent years, settled in Redbank Plains, Ipswich. In our early years, living in the Sunshine Coast hinterland we were avid bird keepers mainly breeding grass parrots and were active members of local bird clubs. We thoroughly enjoyed our time within these clubs and encourage anyone in the area to reach out and get involved. Since moving to Brisbane our collection has grown to include some unique species, we are now members of the Parrot Society of Australia.


We live, work and breathe animals. We have been working with people and their pets for many years and enjoy helping others create better lives for their pets.

Our hand raising experience first started a few years ago, since then our knowledge and experience has allowed us to provide others with only the best companion parrots. Raising birds from such a young age is a labour of love but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

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