Parrot Pinecone Treat


Parrot Pinecone Treat


Encourage foraging and entertain your bird for hours with this natural Pinecone coated in a quality mix of Seeds, Oats, Shell Grit, Carrot, Coconut. Complete with a hook for easy hanging. Great for birds new to foraging. See shipping restrictions below.

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Suitable for Cockatiels, Conures, Ringnecks, Alexandrines, Cockatoos, Rosellas, Small Macaws, Amazons and other medium-sized parrots. We recommend removing the hook for experienced foragers and larger Parrots.

Why we love the Forage Pinecone treats:

  • Encourages foraging for mental stimulation and well-being

  • Stimulates birds to try new foods

  • Keeps birds busy for hours

  • Made with human-grade ingredients

  • 100% Australian Owned and Operated

  • Birds LOVE them!

Parrot Pinecone Treat Ingredients: Sorghum, Corn, Wheat, Grey Stripe Sunflower, Oats, Black Sunflower, Barley, White French Millet, Panorama Millet, Canola Seed, Shirohie Millet, Red Pannicum Millet, Linseed, Canary Seed, Shell Grit, Carrot, Coconut. Made by Forage.

See our review of the Forage Gourmet Seed Blends below:

Please note: We recommend removing the hook for experienced foragers and larger Parrots. Quarantine restrictions mean this item can NOT be sent to Tasmania, Western Australia or outside of Australia. Because it is a natural product all pinecones are individual and photos should only be used as a reference. It is common for a small number of seeds to fall off during shipping. Ensure you regularly check this treat and remove when finished or destroyed. Always provide your bird with fresh clean water. This is a treat and does not replace a balanced staple diet. Prices include GST.